Trainee Feedback

Trainee Feedback

Your feedback is essential for the continuing development of all our courses.

Check out our trainee feedback from the last few years:

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Here are comments our recent graduates wanted to share:

“The best language teaching course there is! I had so much fun in this professional yet academic environment, it was a pleasure training here :) Hannah, UK”

“I had useful and fun time at ITTC. All the staff were helpful and could be found anytime I needed them. They understood our difficult situation. Most importantly, I learnt many things from this course which are going to change my professional life in future. Haneen, Saudi Arabia”

“The course has been the best and worst 14 weeks! I've never been more stressed but also more passionate about anything! I've enjoyed this course immensely and I would do it again in a heartbeat. I really think this is the best thing I've ever done and I can't wait to use what I've learnt in the near and far future! Nicole, UK”

“The best CELTA course! I learnt so much on this course! Thank you opening a door to a great career full of challenges and adventures! I will be back for my DELTA!!” Diana, Russia

“There's no substitute for doing it...and the staff are so supportive...really good, really good...really fantastic!” Sophie, UK

“I've learnt so much during this course and I can't wait to put it into practice.” John, UK

“I have learnt many things which were unknown to me such as dictogloss and phonetic activities - very, very useful!” Fernando from Spain

“I can say with certainty that the training you give is exactly what is required. I have worked with many people who have other qualifications and you can tell they did not come through yourselves, so thank you again. I have now reached the dizzy heights of Director of Studies.” Michael, UK

Delta Testimonials

“The Delta course has taught me so much. It's been incredibly hard work, but I don't regret doing it at all!! The observations and feedback have really boosted my confidence and all of the input sessions have opened my mind to other ways and approaches to teaching, which I now feel so much more confident about using with my students. The tutors have been amazing - very supportive and knowledgeable. I'd really recommend anyone thinking of doing a Delta course to consider doing it with ITTC. Joy, UK”

“The tutors at ITTC are very constructive and honest in their feedback. The webinars couldn't be more helpful or explicit if they tried and my tutor often recommended resources which would be of real use to me. I would highly recommended ITTC's training dept. team as the tutors are so supportive and patient! Helen, UK”

“I’ve been thinking of you lately – I’d like to thank you for so much encouragement – I’ve just received my approval as an assistant CELTA trainer. I’d like you to know that you are role models to me!!!” Sylvia, Brazil

“I have been talking about the DELTA for years and am so glad I ended up at ittc. Their teaching inspired, informed and encouraged me throughout the challenging course. I am now fully (Merit) DELTA qualified, am still learning, but realise the important change that self reflection, more focused teaching and heightened awareness of learner and learning has made upon my daily teaching.” Claire, UK

Refresher Course Testimonials

“The course was fantastic. The lessons were well made, diversified, very interesting and above all the activities done or shown were feasible with our own students. The tutors were enthusiastic and knowledgeable, and always willing to help us. Even if the activities suggested in the evenings or at the weekend sounded great, I did not take part in them, preferring going on sightseeing tours and staying with my lovely host family. I would strongly recommend this refresher course to any other teachers. Valerie – France”

“I’ve refreshed my English as much as it’s possible in only two weeks and I’ve got many new ideas for teaching young learners.” Zahlina, Croatia

“I gained more confidence and learnt to make my lessons more interactive with a lot of interesting techniques.” Christina, France

“It is good to have time for ourself, to meet people from different countries, different cultures, with different accents too! It is a good way to improve and feel more confident back home, completely refreshed!” Elisabeth, France

"I am really happy I could be here and I would definitely recommend the course to all the teachers who want to get some new fresh ideas as well as energy for their teaching career. I got plenty. Thank you!!" Andrea, Czech Republic

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