TEFL Foundation Course


TEFL Foundation Course

The ITTC TEFL Foundation Course is an excellent entry point to the English Language Teaching industry. In 2 days, you will learn about language, teaching and the profession around the world today. You will also experience what it is like to be a student learning a language and, most importantly, you will teach genuine overseas students in a real classroom – you wouldn’t learn to drive without getting in a car, so why would you do a teacher training course without practice teaching real foreign students?

On completion of the course you will receive an ITTC TEFL Foundation Certificate. You can also ask for expert advice on any TEFL-related matter and on taking your teacher training further.

Key Facts: TEFL Foundation

Foundation key facts

TEFL Foundation: The right course for you?

If you plan to teach overseas for a couple of months or so, perhaps as part of a volunteer teaching programme, and you don't want to commit the time and money to doing a full CELTA course, then the ITTC TEFL Foundation may be the perfect course for you. It won't provide you with an internationally recognised qualification, but it will give you the basic tool kit of techniques and activities to get you started in the classroom.

Course Content: TEFL Foundation

  • Input sessions on aspects of language and teaching.
  • A foreign language lesson for you to experience being a student.
  • Guided lesson planning and rehearsal for the lesson you'll teach.
  • Observation of an experience teacher.
  • Teaching practice with real students (each trainee will teach 15-20 minutes).
  • Feedback on teaching practice.
  • 3 hours' self study on aspects of language and language teaching.
  • Advice workshop.

Timetable: ITTC TEFL Foundation Course

Foundation timetable


For decades, ITTC has offered a wide range of English language teacher training courses for both first and second language speakers of English of all levels of experience.
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